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We're a boutique design agency run by a select few talented individuals.

Outside the Kitsune Studio office

We are Kitsune Studio

Founded in 2013 we stand for the power of good design. We follow certain design principles giving direction to our service and the products we create. Our work must be useful, innovative, thorough down to the last details. We're not into gimmicks. We're about quality, effortless class.

Why 'Kitsune'? (Pronounced keet·soo·nai)

This is usually the first question we're asked. Our Creative Director is a fan of Japanese design sensibilities and stumbled across the story of the kitsune. A fox spirit in ancient Japanese culture.

As a kitsune fox grows older and wiser, reaching over 100 years, it learns a number of supernatural abilities. One of which is to embody human form, integrate with human culture and impart wisdom or trickery.

In some respects this is how we see ourselves. Delving into the world of our clients to offer our knowledge and support.




Baltic Triangle, Liverpool UK

Guiding principles

  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • Minimalism


  • BIMA Member


  • BIMA Awards Finalist 2016
  • Downtown in Business Newcomer of the Year 2016
Michael Braithwaite

Michael Braithwaite

Co-founder & Creative Director

UX practitioner, strategist + designer. A minimalist at heart who appreciates the quality in details. Michael's drive is to find clarity in complex problems.

A designer of over 10 years experience, working with MBNA, Arsenal FC, William Hill, O2, The British Library, Madame Tussauds and many others.

Chris Moorst

Chris Moorst

Co-founder & Technical Director

Digital engineer, developer + coder. Chris uses our connected world to solve human issues. He builds efficient, effective products with beautifully clean code. This allows for a seamless digital experience.

A 'full stack' developer, Chris understands the whole range of web technologies. He has worked with a range of luxury brands building large eCommerce websites.

Nick Baskerville

Nick Baskerville

Marketing Manager

Brand engagement + growth specialist. Nick investigates what motivates an audience to take action, creating targeted campaigns.

Nick's other venture is Constellations, an award winning event space only a stone's throw from the Kitsune office. This gives him incredible insight into the events and leisure industries.

Luma Manina

Luma Manina

Digital Marketer

Social media evangelist, SEO + content marketing strategist. Luma focuses on a brand's growth from both a creative and analytical perspective, building a community of brand advocates.

Luma has bilingual and bicultural experience in SMEs and corporates alike, working with household names such as Renault, Philips and Volkswagen.