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Your dynamic ideas partner

Boutique studio of tireless designers, coders, collaborators & problem solvers.

Outside the Kitsune Studio office

We are Kitsune Studio

We stand for the power of good design. We follow certain design principles giving direction to our craft and the products we create. Our work must be useful, innovative, thorough down to the last details. We're not into gimmicks. We're about quality, effortless class.

Why 'Kitsune'? (Pronounced keet·soo·nai)

As fans of Japanese design sensibilities we stumbled across, and became enchanted by, the story of kitsune. Kitsune are foxes of an enlightened spirit. They possess the power to take human form, integrate with our culture and bring propserity to others. In some respects this is how we see ourselves. Understanding the culture of our clients to offer our knowledge and support on the road to prosperity.




Baltic Triangle, Liverpool UK

Guiding principles

  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • Minimalism


  • BIMA Member


  • BIMA Awards Finalist 2016
  • City of Liverpool Business Awards Finalist 2017 - Best Digital and Creative Business