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Showcase an award winning, independently-minded event space in the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.

The Garden at Constellations

Experience, discover, relax and escape

Constellations is home to live music, conferences and creative experiences. It's thoughtfuylly designed indoor and outdoor spaces are curated for those like-minded people who share an interest in arts, culture and music under the sun and stars.

Ineffective template to lead generating bespoke design

Our task, to take their original templated website and give it the bespoke treatment. Good design serves a purpose, it achieves a goal. This design breeds confidence whilst a revamped information hierarchy leads to business gains. More bookings for weddings, private events, conferences and corporate get togethers.

A special website as unique to them as their beautiful space is to the culture-rich City of Liverpool. Inspired by their no-nonsense, bold branding we took a brutalist design approach. Full width images, big text, a fluid grid at all sizes from mobile to big screen.

Our UX approach creates good communication. Good communcation brings everyone along for the journey, a style Constellations can be confident to call their own. Let's not forget the purpose of design, to solve problems. We engineered the flow of content to lead to big business development gains. More leads for events, conferences and weddings.






  • User Experience
  • Website design
  • Fluid grid
  • Brutalist style
  • Lead generation

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The Garden under the stars at Constellations