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Offer event organisers a unique proposition with this dynamic industrial space.


The space beyond

Hinterlands is a multi-purpose event space for the creative, digital, cultural and leisure community. This industrial complex houses three large spaces, each of them expansive, versatile, ready for any event. It is the perfect place for brand events, conferences and festivals. Being less than 200 metres away from its sister venue, Constellations, Hinterlands is a unique proposition for organisers hosting multi-venue events.

Showcase a hidden gem

Our role was to understand the vision of the Hinterlands team. Where do they want to be? What are the roadblocks to achieving this? We worked with the leadership team to create a wishlist of elements to make their lives easier. Once we understand their goals it's our job to organise the information in the perfect way to attract the right kind of brands. More of what they want, less of what they don't.

To represent what the space has to offer we chose a modern industrial approach. Black and white, high contrast with bold headings and clear information. Content is separated by the individual spaces as well as their use case. As the space grows these use cases will become more specific over time giving prospective brands a clear indication of what they can expect and how successful their event can be here.

Our approach puts your objectives front and centre. We focus on clarity, on a singular vision and work hard to help you achieve it.






  • User Experience
  • Website design
  • Fluid grid
  • Industrial style
  • Brand messaging

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Website design of the Hinterlands-liv.com homepage
Website design of the Eclipse space page at Hinterlands
Website design of the Spaces page on Hinterlands-liv.com
People enjoying the Eclipse room at Hinterlands