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Lakes Alive

Showcase a weekend of spectacular happenings through a bespoke designed digital narrative.

Lake Alive

Public spaces and hidden places

Lakes Alive, a festival born from the ashes of MintFest in 2016, is an arts + culture event set in the picturesque town of Kendal. Over three days visitors experience interactive exhibitions, drama, live music even a birds eye tour of the Lakes through VR.

We were commissioned by Lake District National Park to create a bespoke website and email marketing template they could use to promote the festival. From the outset we took a Lean UX approach, investigating the different types of festival goers, their motivations for coming and what they want from the festival. After researching these personas we could design a clear yet inviting website that causes visitors to take action.


Lake District National Park



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Homepage for Lakes Alive
Story page showing the design update for Lakes Alive
Visitors enjoying the Cirque Bijou umbrella parade