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Build a winning mindset with the help of Rugby League's top players.

Warrington Wolves clapping their fans

Every man needs support to make ground in life

Rugby League Cares in collaboration with State of Mind and Oddballs are on a mission to address the mental health issues affecting men. Elite players, both past and present, deliver sessions to their fans discussing their own battles with the demands of everyday life as well as being a top athlete. How they handle criticism, bounce back from injury and manage the public eye.

We were commissioned to develop a brand identity called Offload to promote the sessions. A set of posters and faux tickets for each of the three teams involved signposted men to the chance of meeting their heroes and having a frank discussion. The players pass on their skills helping their fans to build their own mental fitness and a better mindset.

The identity is engaging yet remains neutral, showing no allegiance to any specific team. It is clear, strong and versatile. We hope it leads many men to build their mental fitness together.


Rugby League Cares



Offload logomarque
Poster design for Warrington Wolves and the Offload mental health programme
Three posters commissioned by Rugby League Cares for the Offload project
Brand colours for Offload from the brand guidelines Kitsune created.
Faux ticket design to raise awareness of Offload for Rugby League
Offload players and their fans come together to discuss their issues and how to deal with them.